Welcome to Italy - Benvenuti in Toscana


Dear Partners and Friends ... dear Family,

this year's International Franchise Convention will bring us back to the roots of our beloved brand, back into nature, and back into the arms of our family. In addition we will celebrate our brand's 15th birthday. We will look back in our history, seeing all the huge and small steps we have been taken together: from a new kid on the block to a grown-up concept, which defines our heart and our soul.


Una festa di natura - Una storia di famiglia


For the last 15 years we have established VAPIANO as an international brand, which was able to go public this summer as the first European fast casual concept. This is also thanks to all of you - our Franchise Partners in over 30 countries on all continents across the world.


We want to celebrate this success story of VAPIANO and invite you to our International Franchise Convention in Italy: Join us in the countryside of beautiful Tuscany and Florence, from October 23rd till 26th for an amazing VAPIANO family gathering.


Following our convention in Qatar two years ago, we are now coming back to our homeland with all its history, tradition and rituals, its legendary food and wine, its stunning nature, its famous artists and scientists, its music and fashion. The program will bring us together as a family, will connect us to nature and takes us to spectacular places. It's a program with a lot of enjoyment, networking and interesting content.



This year, the particular will be, that we don't sleep in a normal hotel, but in a kind of village with little flats, farmhouses and villas to create a feeling like living together as a family - just trust us and allow us surprise you!


The venue's name is IL BORRO Relais & Chateaux, one of the most beautiful places you will see in your life, owened by the family Ferragamo. To get a feeling of what else we'll provide to you, see the invitation video again.





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