Every participant needs to hold a valid travel document, including all residents of the European Union. Many Schengen member states, including Italy, reserve the right to perform random border checks these days. Also, a valid travel document is required for all flights departing from Italy since the airlines are required to perform a mandatory ID check during boarding.

For most of you, there will be no issues at arrival in Italy - there is no visa needed. Only some of you will have to apply for visa before the journey.

Sky Travel Agent will be happy to offer guidance and assistance regarding the travel documents required in connection with any flights booked through them, including reservation confirmations for any visa application needed prior to actually issuing the ticket. Please include the nationality of the passport you will be travelling on with your flight inquiry.

However, since entry regulations are subject to change and any determination of eligibility to enter Italy and/or the Schengen area lies with the respective authorities, please double-check any information with the respective embassy. Please note that it is your responsibility as the traveller to hold all necessary travel documents for your journey. Neither Vapiano nor Sky Travel Agent will assume any liability regarding your travel documents or any visa information given.

For more information about visa & immigration regulations please follow the link:


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